CDL | GeoCUBE® Iconic | Red Necklace

Produktinformationen "CDL | GeoCUBE® Iconic | Red Necklace "

Make sure you and your outfit stand out from the crowd. This wonderful GeoCUBE® creation boasts a sensational combination of different reds, silvers and greys. Lovingly handcrafted at our studio and available as a set. 

Every piece of jewellery ordered from COEUR DE LION will be delivered to you in a premium designer case and with a certificate of authenticity.
Chain Length: 50cm (19.7 inch) + 6cm (2.36 inch) extension chain
Farbe: Black, Rot, Silver
Lock Type: Clasp - Stainless Steel
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Coeur de Lion
Material: Edelstahl, Hematite, Polaris, Rhinestone Rondelles, Swarovski® Crystals, Synthetic Malachite
Strenght: 0.6cm (2.36 inch)

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CDL | GeoCUBE® Iconic | Red Earrings

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CDL | GeoCUBE® Iconic | Red Necklace

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