Sebino Glass | Wall Clock | "The Café terrace at night" Collection

Produktinformationen "Sebino Glass | Wall Clock | "The Café terrace at night" Collection"

Through their amazingly-creative glass artists, Sebino Style mixes light, colors, and reflections to create intricate, yet harmonious handmade artworks. Their artists use a variety of methods, namely mosaics and fusing, to bring about modern remakes of well-known classical artworks. In this case, the classical painting by Vincent Van Gogh is recreated in the form of a functional square glass clock, lined with a matching blue border to show the hour ticks, sure to be an eyecatcher in any setting!

Farbe: Blau, Yellow
Height: 35cm (13.7 inch)
Length: 0.5cm (0.19 inch)
Made in: Italy
Material: Glass
Width : 35cm (13.7 inch)

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