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A jewelry box is always something you will treasure forever! The "White Glory" jewellery box is a fine and elegant accessory to your priceless jewellery collection, a luxurious box that perfectly preserves what you love and enchants you with a magical melody whenever you open it! "White Glory", an iconic masterpiece adorning the lid, is the work of artist Brenda Burke, a sensitive artist who sees every aspect of life as a creative challenge and is recognized as a brilliant portrait artist, famous worldwide!

This music box plays the tune: Waltz of the Flowers  (18 note miniature movement)

One of the original Italian music box makers, Ercolano has passed down special woodworking techniques for generations. Their jewelry and music boxes are world-renowned for their creativity and quality. Today, Ercolano mixes modern design and traditional techniques to create completely unique pieces loved worldwide. The music box seen here features a picture of a classic bouquet, making a lovely feminie present for someone back home.

Farbe: Beidge, Brown, Orange, Purple, Weiß
Height: 6.5cm (2.6 inch)
Length: 19cm (7.48 inch)
Limited Edition: 3000 Pieces
Made in: Italy
Manufacturer : Ercolano
Material: Brass, Edelstahl, Wood
Motif: Flowers
Music: Waltz of the Flowers
Weight: 0.68 kg (1.49 lb)
Width : 16cm (6.29 inch)

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